Hello, (blogging) world!

Welcome to my page here on the internet. I’m so excited! I’ve wanted to start my own blog for book reviews for years but never had the confidence to do so. Well, it looks like I’m ready now!

I’m Jamie, 23, Texan. I’m an avid reader and I have a weird obsession with Batman. Those are the basics about me, really.

In terms of books that I’ll be reviewing here on the site, well, I read just about everything so expect a mixed bag of stuff. From YA (Fantasy/Dystopian and Sci-Fi mostly) to Adult (Psychological Thrillers/Fantasy/Romance/Sci-Fi) and occasionally a New Adult book here and there.

I’m actually in the middle of Manwhore by Katy Evans so be on the lookout for that review very soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

Until the next one,